For Faculty and Staff

As the members of the UNC Asheville community who work with students, faculty and staff are tasked with gathering information about first generation college students’ needs, goals, and academic readiness. It is important to garner an understanding of their social and academic needs, their preparedness for college, and their expectations of the college experience.

Much of the information we highlight comes from First Generation College Students: Understanding and Improving the Experience from Recruitment to Commencement by Lee Ward, Michael J. Siegel, and Zebulun Davenport. This is a great starting point to begin to integrate this information into your classrooms, teaching style, and interaction with students.

We also offer an ongoing list of resources for you to ultiize while working with first generation college students. Should you have any other resources, research, or webpages that you have found helpful in developing your knowledge base of first generation college students, please feel free to send these to so that we may share them further.