• Wilderness Experience - Almost full!

    No experience necessary! Equipment and gear provided!

  • And Justice for All - 1 spot left!

    Explore the deep roots of social justice within Asheville

  • CSI: Community Service Involvement - 1 spot available!

    Learn about Asheville nonprofits and give to your new community!

  • Wellness in Action - Almost full!

    Start your college career with a healthy outlook! Get to know resources and opportunities on campus and in the community.

  • It's Easy Being Green - Almost full!

    Explore the sustainable side of Asheville

  • All That Jazz! Full!

    The All That Jazz! program introduces students to Asheville's vast and varied music culture

  • The Catcher in the Rhyme - Full!

    Develop your writing skills and learn about the Asheville literary greats that have shaped the area and literature!

  • Blue Ridge Sampler - Full!

    Experience the great outdoors through a variety of activities like canoeing, hiking, and service work while staying in a cabin at night!

  • Asheville, A Work of Art - Full!

    The Art program introduces students to UNC Asheville and community art experiences!

Held in August every year before the beginning of classes, new students are invited to get a head start on their UNC Asheville education by delving into the many aspects of their new community. pre-rendezblue offers special-interest programs that showcase Asheville. Participation in pre-rendezblue allows students to move in early to the residence halls and meet fellow students and staff who share their interests. 

Each program includes meals, instruction, equipment, and transportation.

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Read about each of our nine programs below and also check out the pre-rendezblue 2016 brochure!

pre-rendezblue is co-sponsored by UNC Asheville Transition & Parent Programs and Campus Recreation.

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As we solidify pre-rendezblue 2016, some of the specific activities listed below for each program might change, but the overall spirit of each program will remain the same.

Please note that any registration that has not been paid in full within 15 business days after the date of registration will be cancelled.

Wilderness Experience - Filling Fast

Come sleep out under the stars and explore the natural beauty of your new home. Backpacking in the wonderful Blue Ridge Mountains will give you the chance to challenge yourself, make new friends, and learn more about what your college experience has to offer. Finish off the week at base camp with a great outdoor adventure opportunity (options provided at check-in). No outdoor experience is necessary and all required equipment is provided. Scholarships are available through the Karpinos Scholarship Fund for students participating in the Wilderness Experience. For more information, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Wilderness Experience participants will spend the week backpacking in Pisgah National Forest. Thursday will be spent doing one of the following sports: rafting, rock climbing, biking, or canoeing.

All activities are geared toward the beginner, though all skills levels are welcomed! All necessary equipment is provided. We will post a packing list soon, so check back.

Register for Wilderness Experience now!

Wellness in Action - Filling Fast

This program highlights Asheville's local food movement, as well as UNC Asheville's on-campus health initiatives. Learn about alternative health care and alternative exercise, participate in a cooking class, learn about the social side of food and foodways, and volunteer at a local food bank. This program will show you the intersection between health and wellness, all while exploring Asheville and getting to know campus and other students.

Register for Wellness in Action now!

It's Easy Being Green - Filling Fast

See what the buzz is about and explore sustainability initiatives on campus and in Asheville. From bees to bogs, we will explore some of the many facets of environmental, economic, and social sustainability. Get to know current and past UNC Asheville faculty and staff, volunteer at the Arboretum, explore the on-campus gardens, learn what beekeeping is all about, and see how the City of Asheville is committed to environmental sustainability.

Register for It's Easy Being Green now!

And Justice for All - 1 spot left!

Learn about some of the biggest and most impactful contemporary and historical social justice issues and movements that have taken place in Asheville and Western North Carolina. Explore Black Asheville history and how it impacts the state of Asheville now. Learn about immigration in Western North Carolina with a focus on recent legal impacts. Hear from the Asheville LGBTQIA community and learn how you can be an ally, explore your own privilege, and participate in a bystander intervention workshop, all while getting to know your new home and community.

Register for And Justice for All now!

CSI: Community Service Involvement - 1 spot left!

Begin your time at UNC Asheville by giving back to your new community through meaningful volunteer work and examining social justice issues. Work with UNC Asheville faculty, staff, and nonprofit organizations committed to helping make our city a better place to live and learn. Each day will incorporate intentional reflective practices while exploring your reasons for passion for community service and ways to continue giving back throughout your time at UNC Asheville.

Register for CSI: Community Service Involvement now!

All that Jazz! - FULL! Registration Closed.

Experience the Asheville area's vibrant music scene on- and off-campus. Get to know on-campus resources like the Music Department and the Recording Studio with current UNC Asheville faculty while learning about topics from basic music theory to the Beatles. Participate in a contemporary dance class, learn acapella singing, drum your heart out, explore a local music venue, experience the impact of Bob Moog, and volunteer in the community!

Register for All That Jazz now!

The Catcher in the Rhyme - FULL! Registration Closed.

Delve into the rich history of Asheville's literary community while developing your own unique writing style. Explore the lives and creations of the area's literary giants, such as Thomas Wolfe and Carl Sandburg. Work with current UNC Asheville faculty and staff to explore your writing style and new creative writing techniques. Visit local, independent bookstores and learn about their vital roles in the community while exploring downtown Asheville and the UNC Asheville campus. From contemplative poetry to professional storytelling, see why Asheville is such an inspiration to so many writers.

Catcher in the Rhyme is now FULL. We recommend registering for another pre-rendezblue program.

Blue Ridge Sampler - FULL! Registration Closed.

Spend the day traveling to some of the best scenic activity areas and day hikes the Blue Ridge Mountains have to offer. Take in the views, challenge yourself, and try a new adventure sport while you get to know your new classmates. At night, you will stay at base camp in a rustic cabin, cook dinner, and learn more about your new home at UNC Asheville while relaxing around the campfire and enjoying the stars. No outdoor experience is necessary and all required equipment is provided.

This pre-rendezblue program will spend the five days traveling around Western North Carolina doing activities each day like canoeing, hiking, service work, a campus tour, rock climbing, etc. Participants will spend every night in a cabin at a local summer camp. Once Wednesday comes around, Blue Ridge Sampler will be joined by all the Wilderness Experience participants at base camp, giving you an opportunity to meet other students during a campfire.

Blue Ridge Sampler provides the opportunity to get to know the local area of Asheville and to get your feet wet through a variety of activities while enjoying a rewarding outdoor experience that you can revisit throughout your college career. All activites are geared toward the beginner, though all skills levels are welcomed! All necessary equipment is provided. We will post a packing list soon, so check back.

Blue Ridge Sampler is now FULL. We recommend registering for our larger outdoor adventure program, Wilderness Experience!

Asheville, a Work of Art - FULL! Registration Closed.

See first-hand the successful arts scene of Asheville and explore how you can become involved! From on-campus resources like the Art Department and current faculty to local organizations, you will explore the many facets of art that Asheville embraces. Explore downtown and the River Arts District and learn how creative placemaking has given space to many communities in Asheville. Try your hand at pottery or ceramics, explore the untapped potential of collage making, and experience the intersection of environmental and social sustainability with art.

Asheville, a Work of Art is now FULL. We recommend registering for another pre-rendezblkue program.

pre-rendezblue Scholarships

Scholarships are available for registered students participating in the Wilderness Experience, CSI: Community Service Involvement, and It's Easy Being Green programs through the Karpinos Scholarship Fund. Students may apply for either the needs-based or service-based scholarship. Scholarships may be full or partial.

Karpinos Need-Based Scholarship Application

This application is for students who wish to participate in pre-rendezblue but find the registration fee prohibitive. Please be thoughtful and complete in your responses as this is a competitive scholarship.

Please note that we will ask Financial Aid for a need report on those who apply for the Need-Based application. We will be reviewing the level of anticipated unmet financial need as a factor in determining these scholarship recipients.

Complete the Karpinos Need-Based Scholarship Application

Karpinos Service-Based Scholarship Application

This application is for students who have shown exemplary community service in their home communities. Please be thoughtful and complete in your responses as this is a competitive scholarship.

Complete the Karpinos Service-Based Scholarship Application

Scholarship awards impact your Financial Aid package. If you are scheduled to receive Financial Aid in the upcoming academic year, check with the Financial Aid Office to determine the impact this scholarship could have on your package.

To complete the scholarship application and registration process

  1. Register for Wilderness Experience, CSI: Community Service Involvement, or It's Easy Being Green via their respective links provided above.
  2. When at the payment page, instead of entering your credit card information, select "Other" and indicate "Karpinos Scholarship Application" in the notes.
  3. Follow up by notifying that you are interested in the scholarship.
  4. Complete the Karpinos Scholarship Application. Your registration and space in a pre-rendezblue program will not be confirmed until we receive your Karpinos Scholarship Application.

Applications are due by July 5, 2016. If your application or registration fee is not received by July 5, your space in the pre-rendezblue program is not guaranteed.

Cancellation Policy

Please read the following information regarding cancellation. These policies have been established because operating funds for the trip must be committed long before the trip departs and few (if any) of these expenses can be recovered from late cancellations.

If UNC Asheville cancels the trip due to insufficient registration, weather, etc., you will receive a full refund.

  • Cancellations made on or before July 13, 2016 will receive a full refund minus a $50 processing fee.
  • Cancellations made between July 14 and July 19, 2016 will receive a 50% refund.
  • Cancellations made on or after July 20, 2016 will not receive a refund.

Please also note that any registration that has not been paid in full within 15 business days after the date of registration will be cancelled.