Frequently Asked Questions


Campus resources

What services are available through Health and Counseling?
  • Both Medical and Mental Health Services are available. You can view a full list of Medical services here. You can also make an appointment with a counselor, sign up for group therapy sessions and view a list of crisis services on the Health and Counseling website
I don’t understand my Financial aid award/bill, who should I contact?
  • There is a lot of helpful information on Financial Aid’s website, including different types of aid, how to apply, and how to accept aid awards. If you have specific questions, you can contact one of the financial aid counselors listed here.
Can I change my meal plan?
  • Yes! You have time at the beginning of the semester to switch your plan if you did not select one and you are able to change your plan between semesters. For more information, visit Dining Services.
I don’t feel safe walking back to my Residence Hall at night.
  • The Campus Police offer safety escorts for students who feel unsafe on campus. You can learn more about this and other services here.
How do I use the campus printers?
  • Visit IT’s website for information and instructions on all the types of printing available on campus.
Who can I go to if I need help?


I just started a new course and I am not ready for the content/not enjoying the class. What are my options?
  • If you realize that you don’t want to be in a course prior to the end of week 1 of a semester, you can drop courses online via OnePort.
  • You may withdraw from a class during the Withdrawal Period. To learn more about this process or how it will impact you, visit the Office of the Registrar’s Website.
For what reasons can I drop a class?
  • You can drop a class for a lot of reasons. Some students are stuck between two classes that fulfill the same requirement so they’ll go the first week of both classes and decide to drop one after experiencing the class. You may want to drop a class if you realize the schedule you’ve built is too overwhelming for one semester. You then can plan to take the class you dropped at a later time. 
What’s the difference between dropping a class and withdrawing?
  • If you want to drop a class, you need to make this decision prior to the semester or within the first week of classes. The withdrawal deadline is later into the semester, but you have a limited amount of withdrawals you can use in your academic career. Withdrawing also creates a mark on your record that dropping does not. 
How many withdrawals do I get in my academic career?
  • Students may withdraw from a maximum of 16 hours during their entire time at UNC Asheville. During the fall or spring semester, students may withdraw from a course through the end of the 9th week of class, and a Term I or Term II course through the end of the 4th week of classes. Please see the academic calendar for the deadlines of a specific semester and summer session. To learn more about the Withdraw process, visit the Office of the Registrar’s Website.
I don’t think I will be able to complete all of my coursework before the end of the semester. Is there anything I can do?
  • You should speak with your professor and explain the circumstances that have prevented you from completing your work. An instructor may give a grade of Incomplete (I) at the student’s request, on the grounds of some occurrence beyond the student’s control causing him or her to miss final examinations or some other limited amount of work at the end of the semester or term. To learn more about this process, visit the Office of the Registrar’s Website.
How many times can I retake a course?
  • Students have the option to repeat and replace the grades in courses for which the grade earned was less than C (C‐, D+, D, F or U). This grade replacement option is available for a maximum of sixteen (16) hours of coursework.
I have to write a paper for class and I need help.
  • The writing center is available to help anywhere in your process from brainstorming to proofreading the final draft! Learn more here.
What is the process for declaring a major, changing my major or declaring a minor?
  • Students are required to declare a major once they have earned 60 semester hours. Students who do not declare a major after earning 60 semester hours will have a hold placed on their records that prevents registration. You can declare your major or minor here.
How do I go about registering for classes?
What is a GradPlan and how can it help me?
  • GradPlan is a scheduling tool that shows you what courses you have completed, in progress and what requirements you still need to fill to graduate. It’s helpful for creating your schedule and planning for future schedules. To access GradPlan, log in to OnePort using your student access login. The link to GradPlan is found on the left side of the page.
What is different about a liberal arts education?
  • A liberal arts education is more well-rounded than a traditional college education, helping students learn more than just major-specific information. Usually students at a liberal arts college are required to take more courses outside of their major to allow for more growth and exploration while in college.
When should I get my textbooks?
  • Unless specified by your professor, you should wait until your first week of classes to get your textbooks. This way you can get a better understanding of whether or not you’ll need to buy or rent a book and if it can be an online version of the text. 

Building Community

Where should I look to find an on campus job?
  • To see what opportunities are available for on campus employment, please check out Handshake. If you would like help in applying or creating a resume/cover letter, contact the Career Center or stop by their office, Highsmith 224.
Where can I find events happening on campus?
  • Follow us on Instagram @uncaembark to learn about First Generation events and programs.
  • You can see a calendar of all University Events on the front page of OnePort.
How can I meet other First Generation students?
  • Download the Raftr app! Raftr is a great place to connect with peers who have similar interests. There are a few First Generation specific groups on Raftr that you can join. 
  • If you’re a prospective student, consider joining the First Generation Living Learning Community.
I want to be more physically active. Are there set programs that I can join?
  • Yes! Campus Recreation offers a variety of different programs: outdoor trips, intramural sports, club sports, and fitness classes. You can learn more about any of these programs here

Defining Key Terms

  • Office Hours- Designated times that your professor will be available in their office to answer your questions and chat with you. Stop by their office or schedule a meeting with them during this time!
  • FAFSA- Free Application for Federal Student Aid- this is a form completed by current and prospective college students to determine their eligibility for financial aid. 
  • Credit Hours- Each course has a different amount of credit hours determined by how many hours you spend in the course each week. To be considered a full-time student, you must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours a semester.
  • Waitlist- If there are no more spaces available in a class, you can join the waitlist as you’re registering. If you need the course to graduate, you can reach out to the professor teaching the class and they may be able to add you to the class. If not, as students drop the class, students from the waitlist will be admitted to join.
  • Prerequisite- Some classes may have prerequisite requirements. These are things that you have to complete before you can take the course.
  • Syllabus- A syllabus is a contract between the professor and the students of a course that lays out the policies for the class and the schedule of homework and assignments for the semester.