Green Zone Training

Transitioning from military life to student life can be a challenge, especially to a small, public liberal arts college in Asheville, NC. Since the Post 9-11 GI Bill®, many veteran students have taken the opportunity to pursue their degrees at UNC Asheville. It is important that our campus community is able to support the needs of military-affiliated students and that we create safe spaces and knowledgeable resources for these students.

The Green Zone Training will provide participants with the following:

  • An understanding of the emotional cycle of deployment and return.
  • An understanding of the potential issues due to military experiences that a military-affiliated student might be facing during his or her transition into campus.
  • Resources to help military-affiliated students succeed at UNC Asheville.

Those who participate in the training are not expected to be experts, but are offered to students as a resource for a safe space and understanding. Participants will learn about the military experience and how it inherently impacts the student experience.

Participants will receive a sticker for their door or office so military-affiliated students know an office is a safe space.

To schedule a training for your department or another University group:

To request a training for your department, email the Office of Transition and Parent Programs at