Defining Transition Students

A transition student goes through a unique transition experience when entering UNC Asheville and therefore has a set of unique needs. Transition and Parent Programs caters to these needs by gearing programming, resources, and opportunities to these students in particular. Transition students can be described as:

  • Transfer Students
  • Non-Traditional Students
  • Veteran Students
  • First Generation Students (Students who are the first in their family to attend any college)
  • Off-Campus Freshmen

UNC Asheville’s transition Student Programs is comprised of workshops, programs, and events that highlight resources and are specifically geared towards helping you succeed at UNC Asheville. All new students who fall into the categories listed above will receive emails highlighting upcoming events, important university deadlines, social activities, and other important information specific to transitioning into UNC Asheville!

Please look around our website, check your UNC Asheville email, and especially check out the transition Student Programs calendar to see what resources are useful to you!