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Parent EmBark Presentations

We hosted a virtual Parent EmBark sessions in July 2020!  We recorded these sessions are they are posted below for you to be able to view.  Please click on the Title of Each session to view the recordings:

A Community of Care-Our Campus n the Era of COVID-19

Our panel will discuss related processes, procedures, and expectations related to mitigating the risk of COVID19 and efforts to maintain a health campus community both in and out of the classroom.

The Liberal Arts and Sciences and Your Students’ Curricular Journey

Join members of our Academic Affairs staff to discuss the rich tradition of the liberal arts, its curricular integration and your students’ academic journey. The registration process will be shared as well as other academic related information.

Your Student’s Rights and Responsibilities as a Member of Our Campus Community

Join our Chief of Police, Title IX Coordinator, Associate Dean of Students, and the Dean of Students as they discuss aspects of campus safety, alcohol and other drugs, Title IX, and free speech. These staff will speak about your student’s personal responsibility in and out of the classroom and campus resources available to help support your student and our campus community.

Dollars and Sense

Join members of Financial Aid and Student Accounts to better understand FASFA, tuition and fees, billing and refunds.

Getting Involved on Campus

Join members of our Student Affairs staff to hear about the numerous ways your student can get involved, learn various skills, gain leadership experience, and utilize programs and services to expand their campus and community connections. Offices will include the Career Center, Campus Recreation, Highsmith Student Union, and more Offices!

Living on Campus   

Join members of our Housing and Residential Education staff to learn more about living on campus. They will speak about the room selection process, room change process, and also the move-in and check-in process that will take place in the next month. They will be available to answer any questions!

Dining on Campus

Join our Dining Services team to learn more about meal plans, dining options, and Sustainability practices on campus. There are tons of options to keep your student well fed!

Academic Affairs update for the Fall 2020 semester with Provost Garikai Campbell

Dr. Garikai Campbell will join our Parent EmBark sessions to discuss the Fall 2020 semester in terms of processes, procedures, and expectations related to mitigating the risk of COVID-19 inside the classrooms.

Callings and Careers

Our Career Center will share their resources for helping your student take their passion and curiosity into a major and career path. Far too often, students think that the Career Center is only about jobs and they visit them their Junior or Senior Year. The Career Center is so much more and their team can’t wait to share the reasons they are a go-to place for students at every step of their time at UNC Asheville.


All students, faculty and staff are issued a OneCard when they become part of UNC Asheville’s campus community. Your OneCard serves as your campus ID and debit card that can be used for on-campus purchases and payments.

Students can apply and upload their picture for their OneCard now!  This will allow them to recieve their OneCard when they arrive to check-in to the Residence Halls.   Please have photo identification with you such as a driver’s license or college identification card. To apply for your OneCard, please visit the OneCard webpage.


Health and Counseling Center Information

Health and Counseling Information Sheet

Health Insurance Requirement

  • Students must have health insurance if they are degree-seeking and they are taking 6 or more credit hours.
  • The following classifications are not considered degree seeking and they are not required to have health insurance – visiting students, teacher licensure, single semester study abroad students, post baccalaureate students who are not degree seeking, and students taking less than 6 hours of credit.
  • You can meet this requirement by applying for an insurance waiver or by enrolling in the Student Blue plan offered through the UNC system. This must be completed by September 1, 2019.
  • In order to demonstrate proof of health insurance, you must go to the following website and enter your current information to apply for the waiver: studentbluenc.com/#/unca
  • Students who want to enroll in the Student Blue through Blue Cross of North Carolina can go to the website above and enroll in the insurance.  There is also a description of the benefits and coverage at this sight.


  • All students must meet the immunization requirements as defined in the North Carolina statutes.  These requirements are as follows:
    • 3 doses of DPT, Td, or Tdap  –  One dose must be in last 10 years
    • 2 doses of measles mumps, and rubella
    • 3 doses of polio
    • 3 doses of Hepatitis B  (If born after July 1, 1994)
    • Chicken Pox Vaccine (or proof from Doctor that you have had Chicken Pox)

Please note: North Carolina law prohibits us from accepting immunization records that are part of high school transcripts. The immunization records must be on a healthcare provider’s letterhead and include immunizations received, date given, and a provider signature.

  • The following students are exempt from this immunization requirement:  students only taking evening or weekend courses and students who are taking no more than 4 credit hours on campus.

Questions: Contact Jay Cutspec at 828-251-6868 or jcutspec@unca.edu

Financial Aid Information

Financial Aid Information Sheet

Office of Financial Aid

2nd Floor Brown Hall828-251-6535finaid@unca.edufinancialaid.unca.edu

Student Accounts Information

Student Accounts Information Sheet

Student Accounts

003 Ramsey Library, OneStop Office828.251.6664studentaccounts@unca.edustudentaccounts.unca.edu

Dining Plans

Dining Services1st floor, Brown Hallhttps://dineoncampus.com/unca

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