EmBark Orientation

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EmBark 2022 Dates

EmBark Orientation is split into two parts. Students will visit us in June and then move-in early in August before classes begin.

Incoming Transfer students will attend a 1-day June EmBark session on June 10th, 2022. Incoming First-Year students will attend one 2-day June EmBark session. The options for First-Year June EmBark sessions are June 13th-14th, 16th-17th, 20th-21st, or 23rd-24th. Check-in will occur between 9-10 am on the first day and programming will run until about 3 pm on the second day.

In August, students will move to campus 5 days before classes begin to attend August EmBark: August 10th-14th.

EmBark Orientation is required for ALL incoming, degree-seeking students. Students must attend BOTH June and August EmBark.

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EmBark Orientation at UNC Asheville is the first and most important step in becoming a Bulldog and is required for your success at UNC Asheville. During EmBark Orientation, you will learn about  UNC Asheville’s curriculum,  campus resources, and much more. Each EmBark session is also packed with opportunities to meet other new students!

EmBark Orientation is required for all incoming degree-seeking transfer and freshman students. Keep this in mind while creating travel and work plans. We want to provide a great foundation for you to start your academic career at UNC Asheville!


Let’s Get Started

Check out the New Student Timelines that have been created for you. These timelines provide important reminders, by month, of items you need to address as you prepare to join our campus community. Questions? Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


About EmBark Orientation

During EmBark Orientation, you will learn about academic advising, UNC Asheville’s curriculum, course registration processes, campus resources, and much more. Each EmBark session is packed with activities as well as opportunities to meet other new students. EmBark employs UNC Asheville upperclassman students, known as the Blue Crew Orientation Mentors, to assist with helping you to meet other new students, learn about campus resources, navigate the curriculum requirements, and find your niche.

EmBark Orientation is required for all new, incoming degree-seeking transfer and freshman students. Only incoming, degree-seeking students can participate in the student EmBark Orientation sessions. Family members and guests who wish to attend EmBark Orientation must register for the Family EmBark session that runs concurrent to the EmBark session their student is registered to attend.


Family Member Orientation Fees

Register for Family EmBark Orientation!

Registration for our Family EmBark Orientation can be found here.  The fee for Family members to attend are $50.00 per person for adults ages 18 and up.  Tickets for youth ages 12-17 are $25.00.  Children 11 and younger are free.    This fee includes meals  throughout the day, materials given, and staffing of the event.


Before Registering for EmBark

The first step you need to take is to confirm your enrollment.

Once you receive information regarding registering for EmBark Orientation, complete your registration as soon as possible. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, we are unable to open sessions once they have been filled due to limited space.

Please visit the Next Steps and Frequently Asked Questions webpages to prepare for your orientation.