Student EmBark FAQ

We realize that your transition to UNC Asheville can come with a lot of questions, so we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked ones! Please check this list for your answer before reaching out to our office.

If you are not able to find your answer on this page, or any of the corresponding EmBark Orientation pages, send us an email at

Arriving for August EmBark Orientation

A picture of the campus map and the designated parking lot for the EmBark Orientation session will be sent to all incoming students registered to attend via their UNC Asheville email account a few days before move-in. 

For GPS use, the university’s address is 1 University Heights, Asheville, NC 28804.


What should I bring?

For August 2020 EmBark, if you are living on campus you will be moving into your Fall 2020 housing assignment prior to August EmBark.  Please make sure that you bring the following items during the day of EmBark Orientation:
• Official ID (driver’s license or government-issued ID)
• Wear comfortable shoes: you will be walking to various locations around campus throughout your time at embark, so it’s important to keep comfort in mind when deciding what to pack for embark Orientation.
• If rain is forecast, bring an umbrella. We will have ponchos available for you to use, but with the heavy rains experienced throughout Western North Carolina in the past month, an umbrella is a good choice.
• If you have not yet had the opportunity to submit your immunization records or your final transcripts, please bring copies of them with you to embark Orientation
• A pen and something to take notes with throughout the day. You will receive a folder at check-in with all of the corresponding handouts for embark Orientation, but it’s best to be prepared to take additional notes as well.
• You will be responsible for keeping up with your orientation packet, so if you prefer a tote bag to carry your folder, you’ll need to bring one with you.

Immunization Records

I have not yet submitted the required immunization form. Can I still register for classes?

If you are unable to submit all of your required immunizations prior to attending EmBark, you will need to speak with a Health Services representative during EmBark to make arrangements for submitting your immunization records.

Where do I submit my immunization records?

You may submit your immunization records to the Health Services office:

Health and Counseling Center, CPO #3710
One University Heights
Asheville, NC 28804
Phone: 828.251.6520
Fax: 828.251.6887

Other Questions

I have a disability or mobility issues. What accommodations can be made during orientation?

Please notify us prior to attending EmBark to inform us of any accommodation needs. We will be happy to work with you individually to ensure you are able to participate in EmBark and get the most from the experience, but we will not know of a needed accommodation unless you explicitly inform our office — making a note in your EmBark registration form will help us know how to best accommodate you.

Can I park on campus as a first-year student?

All freshman (first year students and those with less than 30 credit hours) are not permitted to park in Resident and Non-Resident parking spaces. A handicap parking placard is required for any change in parking options, including those for temporary injuries or any other reason.

Only a limited number of spaces are available so once those permits are release, no additional freshman permits are issued.

For more information, visit the Transportation and Parking Services website.

When is move-in day before classes?

Students who will be staying on campus for the Fall 2020 will need to move-in to their space prior to the EmBark Orientation session.


What is the difference between EmBark, Pre-RendezBlue and RendezBlue?

EmBark is your first orientation to the UNC Asheville campus and includes information about services and resources, information about curriculum requirements, social time to meet fellow incoming students and reviews of university policies that shape your academic and co-curricular experience.

Pre-RendezBlue is an optional program for incoming students who wish to move-in early to meet a smaller group of incoming students while participating in one of nine special-interest programs. Pre-RendezBlue is a program that is only available for incoming students for the fall semester since it is scheduled to be held each year during early August.

RendezBlue is a “welcome week” program for all new students which takes place three days prior to the start of the fall semester. All new students move-in prior to returning students and have time to acclimate to the campus, attend their first LA class, and meet fellow new students.

What is the best way to contact the embark Orientation office if I have additional questions about orientation?

Please first read the information on each of the EmBark webpages. Most of the questions you have will have answers within these pages. If you’re unable to find the answer to your question, email at