When August rolls around, new students attend rendezblue, a series of social and educational activities that are scheduled for the weekend leading up to the start of fall semester classes. It is free and open to all students!

rendezblue includes Convocation, Rockypalooza, and a weekend of social entertainment events that allow students time to get settled into their new surroundings in preparation for their first semester.

We are working to finalize the rendezblue 2018 schedule! Check back soon and get ready for a weekend of fun!  

Parents and family members are welcome to attend Convocation in the Kimmel Arena. After Convocation ends, students will depart to participate in Rockypalooza.

Highlights from rendezblue 2017

Keys to Success

Discover what you need to know to succeed as the Dean of Students and the Chief of Police offer important information and candid insight into navigating your classes, activities, and the campus.

Hunt Down Your Schedule

Bring your schedule with you and let your Orientation Leaders help you find out where you'll be going on Monday! Finding all your classes - and getting signatures - will earn you extra chips for the fun you'll have during Casino Night!

Meet with Your Academic Advisor (freshmen only)

Meet your LA 178 professor, who will also serve as your academic advisor when you begin your academic career at UNC Asheville. Check the schedule you'll receive during move-in for a list of where your class will be. (Hint: It might not be in the classroom you'll be in during the semester, so make sure you take note!)

Casino Night

Wrap up an exciting day with an eventful evening of craps, roulette, and blackjack in one of our most popular traditions! You'll quickly get caught up in the fun, regardless of your skill.

Rock-ing Out Events

Swing by Highsmith University Union to learn more about some great opportunities to get involved in many aspects of campus life!

Sex Signals

A two-person team of highly-trained educators takes the audience on an interactive, relevant, and often-hilarious exploration of beliefs, behaviors, and gender stereotypes related to dating and sexual interaction. Then, through several semi-improvisational scenes, the program reaches out to students who have mislabeled coercion as consent, with the hope of changing behaviors and encouraging bystander intervention.