Tau Sigma National Honor Society for Transfer Students

Tau Sigma Eta Iota Chapter Inductees for spring 2018

Tau Sigma is a prestigious national honor society designed exclusively for transfer students. Our mission is to recognize and promote the academic excellence and involvement of transfers students.

Tau Sigma provides its members opportunities to earn scholarships, attend leadership conferences, take leadership positions, serve others at the university and in the community, all while developing friendships and becoming a more integral part of the campus community.

The UNC Asheville chapter of Tau Sigma is also pursuring a recognized student organization status. In pursuing this classification, the organization is dedicated to regular meetings, community service, and attendance to the national annual conference, which will be held in Orlando, FL in November 2019.


What is Tau Sigma?

Tau Sigma is an academic honor society designed specifically to "recognize and promote the academic excellence and involvement of transfer students."

Tau Sigma Chapters exist to:

  • address the current lack of recognition of outstanding academic achievement of transfer students.
  • provide motivation for the academic excellence of all incoming transfer students.
  • enhance the reputation of all transfer students.
  • provide a common bond among transfer students.
  • promote the involvement of transfer students in the college or university to which they transfer.
  • form a group of students who can help the college or university address and meet the needs of incoming transfer students.

Visit the national webpage at www.tausigmanhs.org for more information on the national level of the society.

Tau Sigma at UNC Asheville

  • The UNC Asheville chapter of Tau Sigma accepted its first inductees in Spring 2017. Those students who meet the eligibility criteria will be invited via mailings and e-mail.
  • You can have a hand in shaping how the society looks at UNC Asheville! See the section below on "How do I get involved?"
  • A transfer student who meets the criteria and who transferred during the following semesters is eligible to join UNC Asheville Tau Sigma in spring 2018.
    • January 2017
    • August 2017
  • If you transferred during one of these semesters, keep in mind that you must join the society during the specified membership period or your eligibility will expire. 

Why should I join Tau Sigma?

Benefits to the current transfer student

  • recognition for academic achievement
  • early involvement opportunities in the college or university
  • opportunity to assume leadership positions
  • opportunity for assimilation into the student population
  • increased visibility of current transfer students
  • enhanced reputation of current transfer students
  • message from the university that there is level of commitment to transfer students

Benefits to the incoming transfer student

  • a more welcoming environment for incoming transfer students
  • a more user-friendly college or university for incoming transfer students
  • an organization formed to address the needs and concerns that are unique to the transfer student
  • a college or university that is better equipped to address the needs and concerns of transfer students

Scholarship Opportunities

  • The national Tau Sigma office awards $75,000 in scholarships each year, ranging from $500 to $3,500 per recipient
  • As a Tau Sigma member, you will be able to apply for these prestigious scholarships when they are sent to you each fall semester.

Annual Conference

  • An annual leadership conference allows for Tau Sigma members to come together from across the nation and meet other chapter members, learn about leadership, and gather ideas for their campus chapter.
  • The 2018 conference will be held in Orlando, FL in November 2018.

What is the eligibility criteria?

  • You must transfer to UNC Asheville from another academic institution with at least one full year’s academic credits satisfied at the prior institution(s).
  • You must be registered in a full-time (12 hours) course of study at UNC Asheville leading to a bachelor's degree.
  • Obtain a 3.5 GPA or greater during your first full-time semester at UNC Asheville. This is not a cumulative GPA.
  • Eligibility is limited to the first semester of enrollment at UNC Asheville, when you must obtain a 3.5 GPA, and enroll directly after your first semester (you won't be able to enroll if you don't enroll directly after your first semester).

How do I get involved?

Joining Tau Sigma National Honor Society

  • Eligible transfer students will receive enrollment instructions via mail and email in Spring 2018.
  • A transfer student who meets the criteria and who transferred during the following semesters is eligible to join Tau Sigma in Spring 2018.
    • January 2017
    • August 2017
  • If you transferred during one of these semesters, keep in mind that you must join the society during the specified membership period or your eligibility will be revoked. 

Induction Ceremony

  • All Tau Sigma inductees are encouraged to attend, as well as to invite significant others and loved ones to attend.
  • During the ceremony you will receive a certificate of enrollment, and several other gifts from the society.
  • The spring 2018 induction ceremony will be held on Thursday, April 19


A Tau Sigma chapter is successful only with the efforts and dedication of many individuals. The officers of each chapter provide that support. These individuals are responsible for providing leadership by creating a strategic plan for recruiting and inducting new members and providing opportunities for the members to involve themselves in activities on campus and in the community.

  • President - Danielle Sebaste
    The president prepares the agenda for all officer meetings and chapter meetings.  This person leads all meetings and is responsible for the planning and execution of the induction ceremony each year.
  • Vice President - Open
    The vice president is responsible for any special projects with which the chapter is involved.  Examples include assisting with transfer student orientation and helping recruit transfer students.  The vice president also should be able to assume the responsibilities of the president if the president is unable to attend a meeting or event.
  • Secretary - Michaela Teeter
    The secretary is responsible for keeping attendance and minutes at all meetings and functions.  The secretary also organizes all community service projects.
  • Treasurer - open
    The treasurer is responsible for keeping up with the finances of the chapter.  The treasurer also should prepare an annual budget.  Other responsibilities of the treasurer include planning socials for the chapter and coordinating chapter publicity (flyers, t-shirts, etc.).
  • Committees:
    • Social Media - open
    • Community Service - open

Chapter Meetings

  • The executive committee will establish regular meetings with the chapter members in the fall 2018 semester.

What is this envelope I received in the mail and what are all these emails I am getting?

The mailings and emails are invitations to join Tau Sigma. Below are some topics addressed in the letters.

Your eligibility to join Tau Sigma

  • Congratulations! By being invited to Tau Sigma, you have demonstrated academic excellency at UNC Asheville. Joining the honor society will look great on your resume, as well as provide you with leadership, scholarship, and social opportunities.
  • See the section above on "What is the eligibility criteria?" for all the details. You've achieved a 3.5 GPA in your first semester at UNC Asheville, and that is worth recognizing and celebrating.

One-Time Membership Fee

  • There is a lifetime membership enrollment fee of $45.
    • $30 of the fee is to help the national office to provide the annual conference, $75,000 in scholarships, and other professional support.
    • $10 of the fee is for UNC Asheville to provide a wonderful induction ceremony.
    • $5 of the fee is for the mailings that are sent to invite new Tau Sigma members and to maintain the online enrollment portal.
  • If you are interested in joining but are financially unable, please reach out to us.

Enrollment in Tau Sigma

  • Your mailing and email will have instructions on how to access the online portal to enroll in Tau Sigma.
  • Please keep in mind that you must enroll during the membership period or your eligibility will be revoked. The time frame is limited due to a small staff at the national level that is unable to process memberships on a rolling basis. Make sure you enroll during your membership period!